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TMS Traducciones

About Us


The acronym in TMS Traducciones stands for Translation Made Simple which we have adopted as our motto because, thanks to our long-standing practice serving many global companies, we know that what all our clients seek and our partners expect is good results without any hassle.


Overcome any communication barrier between members of the business, academia and technology communities and assist them in the fulfilment of their objectives.


TMS as a committed partner in the projects of all those who entrust us with the solution their communication needs.


Professional ethics and integrity
Commitment to our clients
Reliability as to accuracy and timeliness

The Company

We offer professional translation and interpreting services in multiple languages and take pride in the delivery of excellent translation in various subject matters and specialties, including telecommunications, IT, economy, government and business administration, geology, mining, finance, commerce, public relations, legal, health and life sciences, and so on.

Our translators exhibit high proficiency in all their langauge pairs. We can handle a diverse selection of work software, including text processing, translation memory, presentations and desktop publishing to enable the delivery of translated documents with the same look and feel as the source.

Fully aware of the significant contribution in any process involving translation, we ensure ongoing quality and accuracy monitoring over every project stage.
Our interpreters stand out for their efficiency, timeliness and good disposition to proactively contribute to the success of any event and aleays leave their mark in satisfied clients who repeatedly come back for their assistance.


These are some of the companies and institutions who entrust us with their translation requirements...

PR Newswire
American Airlines
Johnson & Johnson
OroPlata S.A.
Mastellone Hnos. S.A.