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Partnerships with other translation and communication agencies

A very significant part of Translation Made Simple's professional policy is its association with similar agencies from all over the world.

This partnering activity has led to the acquisition of a significant volume of knowledge and experience in subject matters that would otherwise have never come within its reach.

On the other hand, being active in more advanced markets in countries with different interests and realities has expanded the horizon of translation requirements and subjects to matters less visited in the Argentine Republic.

For example, TMS's long-standing association with translation firms from Southern US states entailed the challenge of acquiring the proficiency to respond with quality to demands from the oil and gas industry.
Assignments issued from its Spanish partner led TMS to extensive research and glossary construction for the translation of documents in the hospitality and tourism industry, adding to the experience gathered in servicing its Latin American clients in those activities.
As a member of the vendor network servicing an agency in China, TMS enhanced its talents for the translation of industrial machinery, food and beverage documents.

On several occasions, our professionals contributed to the translation solutions for large volumes of papers submitted during World Forestry Conferences where the main contractors were Canadian agencies.

Translation Made Simple devotes its greatest efforts to serving colleague firms, being aware of the fact that it is not only its own, but also its partner's reputation as a reliable supplier and an accountable professional that is at stake, in light of the high demands of ever more competitive markets as we see nowadays.

And we certainly believe that competitiveness is not only measured by the quality and response capacity we can boast, but also and more importantly, in a willingness to review the economic equations that can lead to the most attractive win-win agreements.

Colleague translation agencies from all over the world are invited to contact us and leave the whole process of large project translation, editing and proofreading under our care. We do have a significant number of linguistics professionals to handle them.


These are some of the companies and institutions who entrust us with their translation requirements...

PR Newswire
American Airlines
Johnson & Johnson
OroPlata S.A.
Mastellone Hnos. S.A.