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PROFILE: A sworn English-Spanish translator graduated from Cordoba National University (Argentina) in 1978, Monona also got a higher-education degree in English Language and Culture. She has a solid education in her native Spanish Language, Literature and Latin and has gathered extensive experience working at the Argentine Institute for Industrial Technology for more than 15 years. After taking up translation as her only activity, Monona started her career as part of an organization involved in the translation of the journal "Pediatrics in Review," subsequently coordinating large translation projects, and personally training young professionals to be part of highly competent teams in the fields of clinical practice, psychiatry and general medicine news and developments. Currently practicing the profession with a focus on service to companies involved in the communications, finance, legal and technical businesses, including SAP localization and implementation, environment & compliance and corporate social responsibility projects, Monona also translates from Italian and Portuguese into English and Spanish and coordinates and delivers special courses and events for translators and interpreters. Her translation projects referred to high technology and cutting-edge disciplines have always kept her abreast with subjects of the greatest interest to today's markets. Aside from her passion for languages, Monona plays golf tirelessly and greatly enjoys her role as a grandmother.

Selection of projects and clients

PR Newswire – Contract for real-time, daily translation of on-line brief news from the world of business, information technology and telecommunications, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, mining and other innovative technology industries for a total of 3000 words per day. 2002-2015.

CD Language Solutions: US-based translation agency requiring English-Spanish translation projects since 2007, with projects including SAP system localization for a global ink and dyes business; legal documents for actions and affairs involving multinational oil companies in Latin America; codes of conduct and corporate social responsibility and other policy design and training for diverse industry companies. Current, since 2007.

Cerro Vanguardia S.A: Translation of all monthly reports on the Cerro Vanguardia Gold Project for the majority shareholders. Translation of the specifications for site construction and maintenance. NOSA (safety and health system) implementation, Technical assistance Agreements, exploration reports, mining operation processes. Global risk management procedure implementation. Current, since 1996.

Banco de la Nación Argentina. Translation of manuals, policies and standards on money laundering and corruption prevention. Various legal documents. Current, since 2003.

Panorama Minero.(Trade publication for the mining industry and event organization services) : Translation into English of monthly edition and special issues. Current, since 1996.

Buquebus International (Los Cipreses S.A.). Ship charter and construction agreements and specifications. Tourism & marketing material. Current, since 1995.

Marubeni Argentina/Marubeni Venezuela/Marubeni Corp.: Translation into English and into Spanish of all the documents and manuals for the concession of railway services in Venezuela joining Caracas with the Tuy Medio region. Approximately 4,000 pages of manuals, meeting minutes, communications between suppliers and regulatory agencies from Venezuela. While this project was completed in 2000, we continue to serve the firm in many other projects including natural gas projects, vineyard and wine making, water supply grid construction projects, etc. Current, since 1996.

Lufthansa German Airline: Translation of airworthiness certificates, code-share agreements and various certifications required by commercial aviation agencies. Current since 2003.

Estelar Resources Limited: Translation of legal and technical documents for the Cerro Moro mine operation and precious metal production from mines located in Santa Cruz Province. Current since 2009.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts: Translation of several contracts on hotel property operations. Current since 2007.

Mastellone Hnos. S.A. (Dairy Company): Documents for international financial institutions; different scientific and technical papers, users’ manuals for their equipment. (Current, since 2000)

INTI: (National Institute for Industrial Technology) – Translation into English of the Quality Manuals for 13 Test Laboratories for their certification by UKAS (British Agency) and certification maintenance audits. Translation works for various Research and Service Centers for different industries: materials, textiles, physics and metrology, chemical. Current, since 1999.

ABN AMRO Bank/The Royal Bank of Scotland, Translation services for the Legal Department, e-banking forms and systems. Since 2000 until closure of the Bank in 2010

ANDES (formerly DINAR Airlines).. Various translations of Lease Agreements, certifications, balance sheets and brochures. Current, since 1996).

EPA – US Environmental Protection Agency – Technology Innovation Office. Translation of the Manuals "Roadmap to the Understanding of Innovative Technology Options for Brownfields Research and Clean Up”, “Implementing Environment Management Systems in Military Organizations” and various presentations for seminars hosted by EPA in Argentina and Paraguay. (1998-2001)

Telefónica de Argentina, Telecom, Siemens, etc. - Translation into English of most of the bidding terms and conditions for the privatization and expansion of Argentine telephone companies and successive upgrades to cater for the newest services for data and voice transmission systems. Translation into Spanish of the solutions offered by bidders. (1993-1997).

Waverly Hispánica/ACINDES: Medical journals regularly published as complete translation of US originals (Pediatrics in Review, Pediatrics Infectious Disease Journal, etc.).


These are some of the companies and institutions who entrust us with their translation requirements...

PR Newswire
American Airlines
Johnson & Johnson
OroPlata S.A.
Mastellone Hnos. S.A.